This collection is for those who value free space, simplicity and functionality. The Fonte collection is designed specifically for lovers of such areas in interior design as Modern, Country, Loft.

The interior doors of the Fonte collection are made exclusively from wood of special selection: they are distinguished by the presence of knots on the product that make it unique into your interior.

A knot is a natural decoration, correctly crafted, it introduces originality into products from an array of valuable breeds.

An additional refinement in the manufacture of the product is the heterogeneity and other visible defects of the material, which are used as a way to emphasize the naturalness of wood.

The Fonte collection is perfect for such doors,
like Country and Chalet in our new finishes – Mocha and Canadian Walnut.

Fonte Catalog


This collection of floor coverings, the finishing options of which are completely identical to those used in painting doors and other WOOD CONCEPT products.
A variety of colors and textures of the material made it possible to create the most luxurious wood paintings on the floor.

Such a variety allows you to design any interior in a single-color or combined solution without a long search and selection of colors.
The Calore naturale collection will make your home comfortable and attractive.

Calore Naturale Catalog


The Arte collection is designed for modern people who prefer unique things in the interior.
The imagination of our consumers will help to create doors better and more interesting.
Milling and laid-on decor makes the door original and unique, and in the interior the doors will look appropriate and harmonious.

Arte Catalog


The color in the interior creates his mood! The Colori Nature collection is designed for creative and not-stopping people who prefer extraordinary solutions in their interior, because the choice of color when creating an interior design is the best way to express your personality.

Unique TL technology is a transparent finish. It is made of solid oak, this technology allows you to see all the grace, naturalness and unique texture of this material.

Create bold, original and unusual design solutions with the new Colori Nature collection!

Colori Nature Catalog


Interior doors from the Creda Lusso collection, combining a unique design and high quality performance to the smallest detail, will undoubtedly add sophistication to your interior.

In addition to their aesthetic characteristics, the door panels of Roksana, Aphrodite and Laura confirm their value with increased strength, convenience and practicality in operation, natural and environmentally friendly materials.



Fashion is changing, but classic is forever!

The Armonia collection was created for people who are not subject to the whims of fashion, but love sophistication and conciseness in the interior. The classic style is characterized by pastel colors, which gives a unique charm to the interior.

Patina doors can be safely called an exclusive handmade product. Patina allows you to effectively highlight the natural pattern of natural wood, creating an unusually cozy atmosphere of harmony and beauty!

Armonia Catalog